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League City Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

Our mission at League City Chiropractic and Sports Medicine is to help you achieve your health related goals. These goals may include relieving pain, enhancing your performance, or simply improving your quality of life. To attain those goals we use cutting edge care including hands-on therapies, rehabilitation and education.  We strive to provide this in a relaxed, low-pressure environment with an emphasis on working with your other heath care providers.   Remember – in the end, it is you who will have achieved your goals. We are here to guide and help you along your way. We at League City Chiropractic and Sports Medicine strive to set the gold standard in chiropractic and manual medicine. We thank you for allowing us to participate in your journey toward achieving your goals.

League City Chiropractic

League City Chiropractic
1200 E Main St 

League City, TX 77573

James Heintz, DC, CCSP
Brian Sansalone, DC, CCSP
Tanner Brusnighan, DC

League City Chiropractic
1200 East Main Street
League City, TX 77573
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What Makes Us Different?

At League City Chiropractic we know that no two patients are the same. By custom tailoring treatment to your unique problem and body type, we can better help you in achieving your personal goals. Whether your goal is to have less pain, return to work or compete in the Ironman, our individualized approach will get you back in the game of life.

The principles that we follow are outlined below:



We respect your time and do our best to keep waiting time to a minimum by honoring your appointment time. During each appointment we strive to push you, which reduces the total number of treatments needed to resolve your problem. Except in few circumstances, we also respect your time by providing same day treatment as the initial exam. We respect the medical community and look at chiropractic as another cog in the wheel of medicine. This means that we will work with your other health care providers to help you get better. We realize that not all patients will respond to conservative care. If you fail to respond to a reasonable course of treatment (usual standard of care is 2-6 weeks depending on severity), we will order the necessary tests and/ or refer you to the appropriate specialists.


To insure that we stay on top of patient care, our staff does rounds on all patients twice daily. This time is utilized to review each patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and progress. This keeps care moving forward and allows all team members to contribute to the resolution of each patient’s condition.


We perform re-exams every six to twelve visits to re-focus your care, re-asses your diagnosis, and determine the need for additional tests or referrals. Finally, we use re-exams to update your treatment plan and develop specific rehabilitation programs for your condition.


Every patient will be offered the opportunity to have a specific rehabilitation program developed to address muscle tightness, muscle weakness, proprioception or any imbalance associated with their condition. In order to fully heal, the muscular component must be addressed, especially in chronic cases. The rehab is performed under one to one supervision and once you master your exercises, they are sent home with all appropriate diagrams and supplies. Patients always have the right to deny rehabilitation if their goal is only to stop pain.


Our goal, from day one, is to give our patients a plan that results in release from care. While many patients elect to receive routine maintenance care, most of our patients are released from care after successful completion of their treatment program. In some chronic cases, we recommend a supportive care program to prevent future return of pain. Some patients elect to return for their regular “tune up” on a bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly basis. This is a personal choice that can be discussed after you are released from care. Not sure we are the right office for you? Come in for a free consult. If we do not think we can help you, we will tell you.